Arbitration of your Dispute

If the posture of your dispute requires the presentation of evidence by both sides, our trained arbitrators can take control of your dispute and see that it is resolved as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. We offer arbitrations utilizing a single arbitrators, a panel of arbitrators, or even a blended panel of arbitrators and technical experts. After a final hearing, our arbitrators will give fair consideration to all of the facts and evidence and render an award that is fully binding on the parties.

Mediation of Your Dispute

Where the facts and circumstances are already fairly well fleshed out or where less formal presentation and sharing of the facts makes more sense, the less formal process of mediation is the way to go. Here, one of our neutrals will meet with each of the sides separately in order to do some reality checking on each party’s stated position. The neutral will discuss the “what-ifs” with each side. What will this cost if we have to litigate? What are the risks I have if I choose to let a jury decide my case. In the end, the parties themselves arrive at a compromised means of resolving their dispute with the help of the mediator.

Regardless of whether you choose to mediate or to arbitrate, you can count on professionalism and cost-effectiveness when you choose BAY for dispute resolution. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an arbitration or a mediation.