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For over 20 years, BAY has focused on combining legal expertise and arbitration efficiency to provide end-to-end conflict resolution services that save you time, money, and stress. No matter how complex your dispute, our team of experienced arbitrators is here to guide you through the complete resolution journey, from the initial inquiry to an impartial decision.



  1. Initial Inquiry:

    We’ll start by reviewing your case details and assigning your preferred arbitrator or panel of arbitrators to the case. Our arbitrators can answer your questions about the process, while our administrative team assists with scheduling, billing, and filing to keep everything moving efficiently.

  2. Demand for Arbitration:

    The Demand for Arbitration is a written form completed by the party demanding that the dispute be arbitrated. It typically outlines the details of the dispute, including the parties involved, the relief sought, and the specific claims being made. Accurate and comprehensive completion of the Demand for Arbitration is essential for a clear and effective arbitration process.

  3. Pre-hearing Preparation:

    Following a thorough review of the Demand for Arbitration, your arbitrator coordinates a conference call with the legal teams to discuss and plan an optimized arbitration process. These discussions often involve agreements to restrict discovery or number of experts in order to keep the process streamlined and efficient. Your arbitrator will then establish a Scheduling Order document, outlining the agreed upon arbitration rules, restrictions, and deadlines.

  4. Legal Hearing:

    Our Atlanta and Macon arbitration offices have the technology and amenities to accommodate hearings for even multi-party disputes. We take pride in providing a welcoming yet neutral environment for our trained arbitrators to do their best work and for you to feel safe and comfortable.

  5. Impartial Decision:

    Arbitration decisions are final and binding. Your arbitrators will release the decision only once the evidence and arguments are thoroughly reviewed and considered.  This streamlined arbitration process, uniquely powered by BAY, gets both parties to the finish line swiftly while keeping stress down and costs low.

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