Extended litigation in court can harm more than just the bottom line. Our mediation experts are trained and ready to find resolution opportunities that end problems, not relationships. We ensure that our mediation services are tailored to the specifics of your case, saving you time, money, and stress. With client success rates that outperform industry averages, BAY has a proven track record for uncovering win-win solutions for all parties.

85% Client Success Rate

Exploring the Mediation Process at Bay

  1. Initial Consultation:

    Unsure if mediation is the right approach for your case? Consult with BAY staff to help evaluate risks and costs, facilitate neutral communication between opposing parties, or simply discuss your case confidentially.

  2. Neutral Selection:

    Our staff are dedicated to helping you find the perfect mediator for your specific case. Explore our extensive list of skilled mediators and conveniently schedule appointments directly through our website.

  3. Preparation:

    Even before the mediation begins, your BAY mediator collaborates with each legal team, communicating as necessary to ensure a smooth mediation process. Mediations can often be accomplished in a single session or, in more complex cases, span multiple meetings.

  4. Mediation:

    During the actual mediation, your BAY mediator gathers relevant information from both sides, pinpointing key issues and avenues for finding common ground. There are opportunities for confidential breakout sessions with your BAY mediator, during which your mediator may help identify advantages or weaknesses within the case.

  5. Resolution:

    Your neutral will collaboratively craft a written final agreement between the involved parties, enhancing the likelihood of successful implementation. While not all mediations result in resolutions, BAY Mediation boasts an above-industry-average rate of successful resolutions.

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