3 Reasons to Choose Mediation

Choosing a mediator can be a stressful process for all parties involved, but for those who have tried mediation, the process is typically less intimidating than going to court to settle a dispute. Mediation does not consist of the same strict rules or guidelines that court involves, so mediation provides both sides with the flexibility to identify the best way to reach an agreement.

Informality and Higher Client Satisfaction

Mediation participants report higher levels of satisfaction than people who go to court to settle a dispute. A participant’s active involvement in mediation may reinforce their commitment to upholding the settlement more than people who have a judge or jury decide for them. Since mediations end in agreement nearly 80 percent of the time, compliance rates are typically higher, leading to increased satisfaction for all parties involved.

Reduced Investment of Time and Money

Cases that go to trial often take many years, while a mediated agreement may be obtained in only a few hours or in short sessions that span just a few weeks. Many people choose mediation because the process is less expensive than court. Mediation encourages the people involved to use their money to solve the problem, repair damages or pay back money owed to someone, rather than to fight a legal battle. In some cases, mediation services are available to clients at a very low cost. If all parties are still unable to reach an agreement after mediation, they may then explore other legal options. Even a partial settlement may lessen litigation fees.

Preservation of Continuing Relationships

For parties with business or other potentially continuing relationships, contentious, lengthy and costly discovery, trial preparations and trial can cause permanent damage to already strained relationships, while mediation examines the underlying causes of the problem and looks at what solutions best suit each party’s unique needs and interests. Settling in court can divide people and amplify resentment. Mediation focuses on ending the problem, not the relationship.


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Founded in 2002, BAY Mediation and Arbitration Services, LLC, is one of the fastest growing alternative dispute resolution companies in Georgia. Our panel of neutrals consists of arbitrators and mediators with diverse backgrounds, and styles, who provide practical solutions in a variety of civil litigation areas. A majority of our neutrals have at least 20 years or more of legal and/or judicial experience, have tried numerous cases and have been involved as litigants and neutrals in hundreds of cases. We provide efficient, effective and quality dispute resolutions services. For more information or to schedule a mediation or arbitration with our neutrals, call our scheduling coordinator at (678) 222-0248 or by scheduling online. We look forward to meeting your needs as well as the needs of your clients.