Mediation FAQ’s – Part 2 | Sep 5, 2018

Do your clients have a lot of questions about mediation? Well, we’ve got you covered. We are answering your client’s top questions about mediation. All you have to do is print these out or email them to your client to help them prepare for mediation. Questions answered this week: Where will the mediation be? What […]

Mediation FAQ’s – Part 1 | Aug 29, 2018

Each week we will answer questions that your clients may have, regarding mediation. Most people have seen hundreds of trials on Tv or in the movies, and they have at least a general understanding of what happens. But when it comes to mediations, many clients have no idea what to expect. This blog post can […]

4 Compelling Reasons to Mediate Your Next Case. Pt 2 | Aug 14, 2018

Written by Lee Wallace, 5. Better Relationships One of the chief advantages of mediation is that it can preserve and salvage the relationship between the parties. Trials are brutal, scorched-earth events where one side wins and one side loses. And both sides lose the relationship that they had before the case was filed. By mediating […]

Why Mediate Your Next Case? Part 1 | Aug 7, 2018

Written by Lee Wallace, Four Compelling Reasons to Mediate Your Next Case As a mediator, I help people resolve cases without going to trial. At the end of a hard day of negotiating, I see the smiles and relief on people’s faces when they settle the case. Lawyers understand the importance of mediation, but it […]

13 BAY Neutrals Named to 2018 Super Lawyers | Aug 3, 2018

  We are proud to announce that 13 of our neutrals have been named to the 2018 Georgia Super Lawyers list. To kick things off, Henry Quillian, III (15 years as aTop Rated Construction Litigation Attorney) was named to the 2018 Top 100 Super Lawyers of Georgia. Also on the 2018 Super Lawyers list are; […]

Fireworks, the Fourth and Avoiding Fault | Jul 4, 2018

  Written by Tanya Tate, On the days following Independence Day, attorneys across the country will receive calls from individuals and companies seeking representation on matters involving personal injury and/or property damage resulting from the improper use of fireworks. The illegal use of fireworks can subject individuals to significant legal liability. In fact, the use […]

Can Apple Keep the Consumers Away? | Jun 28, 2018

Written by Tanya Tate, On Monday, the United States Supreme Court Agreed to hear Apple, Inc.’s (“Apple”) challenge to a class action antitrust lawsuit brought by consumers who allege that Apple has an illegal monopoly on how apps can be purchased for Apple devices. Specifically, the consumers asserted two primary arguments: 1) that Apple improperly […]

The Mediator’s Role | Jun 21, 2018

Written by Thomas Harper,   Choosing the correct mediator is crucial to a successful mediation. Select a mediator who (a) brings value to the process, especially someone with experience in the subject matter of the case; (b) the parties will respect and to whom they will listen; and (c) can give you feedback on your […]

Doug Witten Travels to Chicago | Jun 13, 2018

BAY mediator Doug Witten, will be traveling to Chicago, Illinois later this month to participate in the Annual Meeting of the American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA). The AHLA is the nation’s largest, nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) educational organization devoted to legal issues in the healthcare field. Doug is the current chair of the AHLA Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Affinity […]