Artwork At BAY Mediation | Jan 8, 2017

Much of the artwork on the walls at BAY Mediation is framed photographs taken by one of the founders of BAY, Bruce Barrickman.  Bruce would like to share his photographs with you if you choose to look at them.  You can review his photographs on his website,  They are not for sell, but if you […]

Impediments To Settlement |

Mediation is a great process for resolving personal injury and wrongful death claims, but there are several specific impediments and many general impediments to a successful resolution of claims. In this article, we will identify those impediments, deal with some of them in detail and bring others to your attention so you will be aware […]

I Hate Surveys | Oct 10, 2015

  I Hate Surveys We get bombarded with large numbers of surveys on a daily and weekly basis.  These are in addition to the thousands of legitimate and spam emails and text messages we receive each day.  We have busy practices, busy personal lives and demands that pull us in all directions.  Who has time for […]

Are you Ready to Agree to Agree? | Sep 21, 2015

As a practicing attorney for more than 36 years and as a mediator for the last fourteen years, I have seen my share of changes in the legal scene. And, it has only been in the last 7-10 years that mediation has really been the primary means of settling litigation claims in Atlanta. As both […]