CV’s give your information about a person’s education, training and experience, but they do not give you much, if any, insight into the person as a person. We at BAY want to provide you with a better understanding of the interests, motivations and personalities of our neutrals.

Many people know Victor Faenza as a neutral, but do not have any real feel for Victor as a person. As is obvious from his name and from his demeanor, Victor has Italian in his blood. Victor views his immediate and expanded family as very important in his life. He is very proud of his wife, Heidi, who has been very successful in her own right, and his two grown children.

Victor enjoys spending time with his family, loves good food and knows and enjoys good wine. So he can eat and drink what he wants, Victor works exercise into his busy schedule, so he can maintain his boyish figure. Victor loves to travel with his family and knows how to have a good time and enjoy great experiences in his travels. He is an excited golfer/hacker and entertains his fellow players with good stories and sometimes heated debates. If you know Victor, you know he is never at a loss for words. Victor tries to get to the coast as often as possible. He was raised in Florida and misses being around the ocean and surfing and sailing. Victor now enjoys snow skiing, but he has gotten very cautious in his old age.

Victor became a neutral because he thought he could make a more of a difference being a mediator than a trial lawyer. He had a successful trial practice, but he thought he could use his energy, personality (a born salesman) and experience to help his mediation clients make good decisions about whether to settle or try a case. He is very proud that he is perceived, and rightly so, as being fair and upfront with all parties. He feels good knowing he provides to all sides relevant insights into the issues of a case and helps put them in a position to make a knowledgeable decision with which they can feel comfortable; well at least as comfortable as anybody can feel after intense settlement negotiations. Victor believes that with each mediation, he has to bring his “A” game and apply his best skills and expertise to bring about a successful mediation, even if the case does not settle that day. Victor puts his heart and soul into both his personal and professional life and people around him are much better for that. We are very proud to have Victor as a part of BAY.