As many of you know, Judge Jerry Baxter was a Fulton County trial judge for 33 years and presided over a wide variety of cases. He became a neutral because he wanted to come out from behind the bench and use his experience to help people one-on-one to resolve their issues. Judge Baxter loves working with people and is an attentive listener. Through years of listening, he has learned to key in on the issues involved and the concerns and needs of people and parties from all walks of life.

Judge Baxter uses his years of experience, and his ability to communicate with people, to size up the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s position. He draws upon all of these strengths to help guide the parties to a successful resolution of the case. Judge Baxter’s goal is for everyone to leave a mediation feeling they have been heard and fairly treated.

Judge Baxter has three grown children. He enjoys spending time with his family and his German Shepard. He loves the outdoors and likes to ride his bicycle, hike to off the beaten path places, and improving his golf game. Judge Baxter is a people person; outgoing, funny and engaging. As a native of Atlanta, he has seen many changes in the city and met many interesting characters. He goes through each day striving as best he can to treat people like he would want to be treated.

We feel fortunate to know and work with Judge Baxter, and we think you will enjoy getting to know Judge Baxter as you work with him as a neutral.
For more information about Judge Baxter, please follow follow this link: https://bayadr.com/neutrals/jerry-baxter/. Call 678-222-0248 or go online, bayadr.wpengine.com, to schedule your next mediation or arbitration with Judge Baxter.